About the office

Based in Hyderabad, APC Nutrients specializes in manufacturing and marketing high quality aqua and poultry products for the Indian market. With a stellar distribution network and comprehensive customer base, APC Nutrients has the skills and the technical know-how to service customer needs across the board. Firmly entrenched in the rapidly growing poultry and aqua segments, APC Nutrients is able to advise and guide international manufacturers wanting to enter the Indian market space. Our strength lies in our team of highly talented and motivated individuals, who drive APC Nutrient’s activities from one success to the next.



Product Portfolio.:
We represent Danisco[at present Dupont],Nukamel-Belgium,Nutristar international-France,Zagro-Singapore,Denuco-Belgium,Sintofarm-Italy.Hamlet protein-Denmark.Agroin industries-Mexico


Poultry products:
Avizyme 1502/1505/NSP enzyme-Danisco
Phyzyme Xp 5000 G-Phytase enzyme-Danisco
Phyzyme XP TPT 5000-Phytase enzyme for pellet feeds-Danisco
Betafin S1-Betaine anhydrous-Danisco
Volamel extra-Emulsifier for poultry feed-Nukamel
Nukamix 95-Lactose 95 %
Fokkamix 50-Fat powder
Vitamin premix for Layer/Broiler and Breeder-Nutristar -france
Ultraxide 1 lit/5 lit-Disinfectant-zagro-singapore
Denucid-Acidifier for poultry-Denuco-Belgium
Oxyhold-an antioxident for poultry feed
Colimix-Colistin sulphate-Sintofarm
Sintollin-Lincomycin Hcl-Sintofarm
Vitamin E 50% Feed Grade-Sintofarm
HP 300-Soya protein concentrate -Hamlet protein
APC tm-poultry trace mineral-Inhouse
Vitaburst-Vit E se,and c for poultry-Inhouse


Aqua products;
Pond-C-Vitamin C suppliment
Optioxygen-Oxygen en hancer in ponds
Bioaqua-Ammonia and odour control
Ascop-C-Vitamin c suppliment[Poly phosphate]
Proburst A-A gut Probiotic
Immune 5-Immuno stimulant and growth promotor
BioKlean-Water and soil probiotic
Osmozyme-osmolyte with enzyme
Planktomin-For Plankton growth
Carpmin-Mineral suppliment for fish growth
Zeomix-Natural zeolyte
Moultvit plus-For assiting proper moulting and prevent stress
Unigel-protein binder


The team is led by:

PCS Balaji

Marketing Director


A graduate in chemistry from Madras university, Balaji joined Glaxo animal health business as representative in the 1982, rising in the ranks to Zonal sales manager heading South India till his departure in 1997. After further experience with Roche and Piramal Health Care, he joined APC in 2004, and currently heads APC Nutrients.

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